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Find the products you’re looking for at the best price. After all solar is about saving money!

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Big Time Solar

We are a small company that has been buying decommissioned systems for years to get the products at a fair price so that we can pass them on to you.

Do It Yourself

Our “Do it yourself” customers find almost everything they need to complete their systems right here.

Featured Solar Products

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have questions. 805-SOL-AR05 (805-765-2705).

The Talesun 300 watt solar panel for $120. Great price for a high wattage panel.

190 watts for $60. Manufactured in Germany. Perfect panel for projects on a budget.

We buy entire systems to get a better deal to pass on to our customers.  

We have a lot of other products that can help you save time hunting down deals to complete your system.

Deal of the Day!

These panels have a issue called snail trails. It depends on who you ask to get an answer on what it does to production of power. We find them to work just fine. So if you’re not too worried about the looks of the panels and more interested in the power they make, this is the deal of the day!

50% off

BP 175 watt panels with snail trails for $40