Yingli YL230P-29b 230 watt solar panel


Yingli solar panel model number YL230P-29b

Rated voltage is 29.5 volts

Rated current is 7.8 amps

Max system voltage is 600 volts

Open circuit voltage is 37 volts

Shot circuit amperage is 8.4 amps

These are used panels from a working commercial site.

We have had zero issues with the performance of these panels as of yet.

382 in stock

These are used panels from a decommissioned site that were part of a working commercial system.

The info on the back sheet label photo should answer you technical questions.

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We have had zero issues with these panels so far. If for any reason the panels need to be replaced or exchanged we will work with you to make sure your buying experience is satisfactory.

Weight 44 lbs
Dimensions 65 × 42 × 2 in


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